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Miter Fence System

Miter Fence System

The Miter Fence System is what every carpenter needs on their miter saw. This system allows for quick transition between types of cuts and materials. Go from cutting crown to large base or 2x12s and back again within seconds and no hassle or setup. It’s perfect for every job site and eliminates the need for multiple miter saws. Get the job done faster, with better results, and less effort. That’s KIZEN! The Fence System revolutionizes the way we cut crown and other tricky cuts like panel mould. Other systems are bulky and a pain to setup. Our system is quick, easy, and provides better results. Our system keeps the work piece steady as the blade moves through it where other systems require a death grip to keep the piece from rolling up.


This set has the new mounting system T Slot on the back for extra versatility and easy mounting. If your saw has a fence that is 3.5" tall, this fence will work for your saw. 

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