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Fence System Overview

Here we quickly go over many of the benefits you will see with our miter saw fence system. Increase your capabilities and efficiency on the job. Built with the professional carpenters in mind. 

Repeat Cuts with Microstop

Do you ever make the same cut over and over? With our system, you can easily make repeat cuts with our built in microstops. There are many options and we outline them here. 

Extreme Angle & Jig Insert

This fence system is more than just a crown stop. Here we show the extreme angle insert and our jig insert. This increases your saws versatility and opens new options for quick jigs. Use them like we show here, or share your ideas with us. 

Product Videos and Features

Near Zero Clearance Fences

With our new mounting system and back cut plates, getting near zero clearances becomes very easy, no matter the angle. Just loosen the plates and slide it over to near your blade and get better support for your work pieces. 

Clamping Made Easy

Clamping on miter saws has always been a pain for flat material. Angled crown, forget about it. We came up with a new method for clamping using auto table clamps. This makes clamping just about anything a breeze. 

Installation Video

This video shows how easy this system is to install on most miter saws. Simply drill some holes and install the hardware and your saw will be transformed. 

What Saws Will This Fit?

This system will work on almost every saw but there are tons of makes and models, new and old that coming up with a definitive list is challenging. This video goes over guidelines for mounting so you can know what it will take to mount on your saw. 

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