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NEW - V3 - KIZEN Miter Fence Pro System

NEW - V3 - KIZEN Miter Fence Pro System

V3 adds Plastic Tips to the already incredible KIZEN Miter Fence. If you make a mistake, you can clean up the fence and backcut to your preference.


Introducing our professional grade KIZEN Miter Fence System Pro, designed and built in Texas by a professional carpenter for professional carpenters. It is built to last from 6061 Anodized Aluminum, ensuring precision and durability. It will revolutionize the way you cut crown and other trim, while making your carpentry projects faster and safer.


With its positive crown stop, you can be assured of a safer operating environment compared to traditional stops. The work pieces are actually pulled into the stop instead of away as the blade moves through it. This requires less pressure and produces tighter cuts everytime.


This system also allows for quick transition between cuts like crown molding and base or lumber and back again within seconds, completely eliminating the need for multiple miter saws on site. Also enjoy added benefits like micro stops for repeat cuts and near zero clearance support for small pieces.


The Pro system adds the Jig Insert, Clamp Brackets, and our 6” self adjusting, quick release clamp.


With the Jig Insert, you can make and install your own jigs like for the reverse cutting of crown as a piece would sit on the ceiling for complex cuts or any other jig you can come up with.


Most clamps are useless on a miter saw but with our 6” self adjusting, quick release clamp setup, holding long pieces is quick and easy for cutting or measuring. It can hold all sorts of pieces to the table/fence or whether it's on an angle like crown.


Say goodbye to bulky and frustrating crown setups with our easy-to-install system that works with almost any full size miter saw that has a fence that is at least 3.5" tall. Unlike other mediocre systems that barely do one thing, our system does it all and more, ensuring faster and better results with less effort. Trust in our quick and easy miter fence system to take your woodworking to the next level.


With this Pro system, you can also add our other accessories later like our Extreme Angle jig that will even further increase your productivity.


Upgrade your carpentry game with our KIZEN Miter Fence System today


Get the job done faster, with better results, and less effort. That’s KIZEN!

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