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Plastic KIZEN Miter Fence

Repeat Stops - True Position Hardware Jig


Rethink. Improve. Deliver.

Innovative Products and Design for Every Day Use

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Our Philosophy

Work smarter and equip yourself appropriately.


We believe in continuous improvement and thinking differently. We are taking DECADES of carpentry and general construction experience and designing new tools to help ordinary people working today. Get the job done faster, with better results, and less effort.

Rethink. Improve. Deliver.

That’s KIZEN!


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It is the best fence on the market.... But don't take KIZEN's word for it! Take mine... Hi! I'm Toolman and I approve this message! Buy Yours today!


My setup is on Beast Mode!

Great product. You're guaranteed to get a couple more sales from buddies of mine that really like the fence. 


It's really a killer setup. I like how quickly I can switch from cutting crown to other material by pulling the pins. The pins also work great for stabilizing shoe molding - I can keep my hands further away from the blade. 

Rethink the miter saw with the Miter Fence Pro System

Rethink digging with the Augie Pro System

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